Bart Rosser
Owner / Manager of Harbour City Fitness and Tanning

Registered Weight Trainer, BCRPA
Registered Personal Trainer, BCRPA
Diploma in Forest Resources Technology

Rhonda McLeod
Personal Trainer


Fitness Theory, BCRPA
Registered Weight Trainer, BCRPA
First Aid/CPR Certified
Group Fitness Leader, BCRPA

About Bart:    

Bart has been a weight training enthusiast since 1992.  He has owned a successful gym in Port McNeill for five years and has been a Certified Personal Trainer for five years.  In 2002, he moved to Nanaimo and started working at North Ridge Fitness Centre as a Personal Trainer,  Membership Sales Consultant, and Equipment Maintenance Technician.  On September 1, 2006 he decided to share his knowledge and expertise with the people of Nanaimo by starting up a new state of the art fitness facility – Harbour City Fitness and Tanning in Downtown Nanaimo.

Bart’s specialty is developing programs to suit clients individual needs, goals, and lifestyles.  He enjoys training all age groups, and is continually learning so he can give his clients cutting edge information.  Currently, he is in the process of obtaining The Medical Exercise Specialist Certification to better understand rehab situations and to bridge the gap between Personal Trainers and Medical Professionals.  Bart is a very enthusiastic person and would love to meet and discuss your health and fitness goals.  You will find him very personable and approachable.

About Rhonda:    

Rhonda credits her love for fitness to the World Health Club in Calgary. In 2000, Rhonda became an employee with the Club and began her own fitness regime and success. 11 years later and after four natural bodybuilding competitions, Rhonda truly enjoys the rewarding experience of training and motivating others, in order to help them feel good from the inside out.

Today, Rhonda is eagerly working towards a more Holistic approach to health and fitness. This includes living a well-rounded healthy lifestyle in order to reap the full benefits of fitness. Rhonda believes a personal trainer is someone who can uplift, motivate and inspire those who strive for change and a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

For the past two years, Rhonda has been successfully doing group fitness classes, abdominal and stretching classes, as well as one-on-one training with clients. Rhonda is continuously learning by attending courses, programs, and through practice. She is motivated and eager to have the opportunity to train with new clients, including YOU!